Thursday, 28 August 2014

Kenya vision 2030 political pillar

Political Pillar
The Political Pillar of Vision 2030 objective is to move to the future as one nation and envisions a democratic system that is issue based; people centered, results oriented, and are accountable to the public. It targets five main areas: The rule of law – the Constitution of Kenya, electoral and political processes, democracy and public service delivery, transparency and accountability, and security, peace building and conflict management
Rule of Law. Kenya’s 2010 constitution provides for increased accountability and transparency to combat pervasive corruption, but no top officials have been successfully prosecuted for corruption since 2002
Electoral and Political Processes. The first application of technology in the 2013 elections aimed to guarantee the integrity of the voter register through the use of a Biometric Voter Registration system that was acquired at a cost of 95 million USD.
Democracy and Public Service Delivery
Transparency and Accountability. The police, the judiciary, and the Ministry of Defense have been identified as some of the country’s most corrupt institutions. Although the judiciary is independent, the courts are understaffed and underfinanced, leading to delays.

Security, Peace-Building and Conflict Management. In September 2013, it suffered its largest terrorist attack since the 1998 U.S. embassy bombing.

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