Thursday, 28 August 2014

Thematic Overview of Kenya Vision 2030 (Economic pillar)

 Economic Pillar. 
      The Economic Pillar is seeking to achieve growth in the Gross Domestic Product of 10 percent by 2012. The economic areas that the Vision 2030 is targeting are: tourism, agriculture, wholesale/retail trade, manufacturing, IT enabled services, and Financial Services.
         Tourism, marketing has boosted the image of existing tourism attraction spots hence more foreign and local  tourist which in turn has led to more businesses opening up in the tourism and hotel industries, Development of Resort Cities, Underutilized Parks Initiative, Development of Niche Products, Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions (MICE)Premium Parks Initiative. 
         Increasing value in Agriculture, for example  Kenchic have improve the way they do their packaging of the product to appeal to both the local and  foreign market through marketing
         A better and more Inclusive wholesale and retail,  Trade Sector Creation of Producer Business Groups Building ‘Tier 1’ Markets Wholesale Hub,
         Manufacturing for the Regional Market, with the strengthening up of the East African community, marketing has enhanced regional trade there by producing better and more improved products and services that can compete in the regional market.
         Financial Services, International Financial Centre, Deepening of Capital Markets. More and more financial institutions coming up and offering wide range of products and services e.g. LPO financing for tenders, Chama accounts for women and youth groups. Business financing, flexible loans and mortgage. Amongst others.

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